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You can check few promo-tracks below, just keep in mind that we will re-record all of them totally.

KRODA Sweater Hooded version

KRODA Sweater Hooded version

Information for contact and orders:

KRODA winterhats by Hammerbolt Prods

Kroda - Varulven Digipak MCD

Compilation of previously unreleased material

This is a compilation of previously unreleased material. "Varulven" is a cover of a traditional Nordic song, recorded in 2011 at Schwarzpfad studio as an experiment in viking-rock style music. "Werwolf" and "Nemesis" were both recorded in 2008. "Werwolf" is a kind of tribute to Temnozor, and "Nemesis" is a cover of a traditional German song. "Der Scharlachrote Tod (how much is the Pest)" is a cover of an Absurd song and was (unprofessionally) recorded live at the Kilkim Žaibu festival in Lithuania during Kroda's Ragnarok Tour 2012.

Limited digipack and t-shirts are going to be released via Purity Through Fire in the beginning of November 2013 ayps. Pre-ordering is opened.

Kroda "D.W.Y.G." T-shirts

Kroda D.W.Y.G. T-shirts

S, M, L, XL sizes available
Metal of Crypt: popethedope@mail.ru

Werewolf promotion presents: Kroda "Schwarzpfad" tape

Special edition of KRODA "Schwarzpfad" tape in DVD box + t-shirt

Special edition of KRODA Schwarzpfad tape in DVD box

Finally released. Special edition of KRODA "Schwarzpfad" tape in DVD box + t-shirt (limited to 66 copies). By Hammerbolt and PTF together.

New KRODA winterhats by Hammerbolt Prods.

New KRODA winterhats

Don't hesitate to order! Edition is limited!

LIVE UNDER HEXENHAMMER: HEIL RAGNAROK! - first official internet-release by Kroda

So... As it was already announced earlier, live-album will not be released on physical CD because it's total playtime is about 100 minutes. And physical CD, as you might know, can contain only 80 min. Double CD release of live album will cost too much, so we decide cancel it. But as this recording contains new versions of some old songs, killer cover-versions of Storm and Summoning, which never was released... and never would... Because of great sound and storming live drive of this live-album... and so on and so on... :) We decide to give a possibility to hear it for all of you anyway. Use the Bandcamp link!

There you can also support those, who support you. If you wish, you can officially pay for downloading of the whole album or any separated song, available in any possible sound-format.

New official merch! Available at least in the beginning of december

New Kroda official merch!

Fans can order speсial sizes (XS, S, M, XXL) until Tuesday (20.11) via mail to Purity Through Fire

New Kroda zipper hoodies by Wolftyr Prods

New Kroda zipper hoodies by Wolftyr Prods

Trailer Kroda "Live Under Hexenhammer: Heil Ragnarok!" DVD

Live album "Live Under Hexenhammer: Heil Ragnarok!"

KRODA live album 2012 ayps "Live Under Hexenhammer: Heil Ragnarok!" is finally mixed and mastered. We are going to release it in digipack format via Hexenhammer Records til the beginning of winter. Promo-track is available below:

Official Merch in Brazil. Comming out in September.

Kroda Official Merch in Brazil

Report Ragnarok tour

Statement about performance at Hell Fast Attack festival

Unfortunately Kroda's performance in Czech Republic at Hell Fast Attack festival (29.06.12) has been passed without vocals. Two days before the gig I fell ill with acute angina and fever, we were trying all available under tour conditions ways of treatment and the medicines, visit private clinic in Brno etc... hoping till the last moment for recovery. But in the evening of performance there was no disease improvement and any ability for me to sing or scream failed. We attempted to try some harsh and distorted vocal effects for whispers alas it didn't worked out due of time and equipment lack. However I decide don't cancell our set and play without vocals. Thanks for all the support and sorry for the imperfect show. Heil Ragnarok!

Eisenslav 04.07.2012 a.y.p.s.

Statement about  performance at Hell Fast Attack festival

KRODA Ragnarok tour t-shirt by Hammerbolt prods.

KRODA Ragnarok tour t-shirt

Report from Moscow

KRODA Under The Hexenhammer t-shirts


After countless delays in printing the booklets we have now finally the 2 Kroda digipak Rereleases of "Cry to Me, River" and "Towards the firmaments verge of life" in our hands and we are very satisfied by the result. Both CDs are digipaks with 16 page booklet.

For new Kroda fans may our new CD package of interest, all publications Kroda for a fair price.

Cry to me, River Digipak CD

Cry to me, River Digipak CD  is released by PURITY THROUGH FIRE

Towards the firmaments verge of life Digipak CD

Towards the firmaments verge of life Digipak CD is released by PURITY THROUGH FIRE

Photo and video report from Minsk

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