"Funf Jahre Kulturkampf"

2009 Wooden ltd. box (ltd. digi pack + t-shirt)
  Audio CD tracklist  
1. Autumn… Twilight… Fog… (Intro)  
2. Falcon Among The Cliffs  
3. Seid Runar Flammer  
4. Ghosts Of Birds  
5. Native Land (Instrumental Intro) /Kampf version 2008/  
6. Cry To Me, River… /Kampf version 2008/  
7. Wind From The Mountains (Spring is Comming) /Kampf version 2008/  
8. Where Brave Warriors Shalt Meet Again… /Kampf version 2008/  
9. …Funeral Pyres (Instrumental)  
10. By The Hammer Of Spirit And Identity Of Blood… /Kampf version 2008/  
11. Oj, Na Gori… (Ukrainian traditional song cover)  
12. Poppyflowers Are Blossoming (Part II) /Kampf version 2008/  
13. …By The Last Autumnal Breath (Instrumental Outro) /Kampf version 2008/  
14. Der Scharlachrote Tod (Absurd cover)  
15. Wind Of Changes (Sokyra Peruna cover)  
total running time
1. Live in Lemberg performance  
2. Documentary movie including the picturesque filming of the Ukrainian Carpathians  
3. Gallery including more than 200 wallpapers for a PC desktop with author photos of the nature